Freeze - hash / sort / compare / diff anything

freeze.freeze(data_structure) Freeze tries to convert any data-structure in a hierarchy of tuples.
freeze.vformat(*args, **kwargs) A pformat wrapper that produces narrow representations of data-structures.
freeze.dump(data_structure) Dump will create a human readable version of your data-structure.
freeze.tree_diff_assert(a, b[, n, sort]) User tree_diff() to assert a equals b.
freeze.tree_diff(a, b[, n, sort]) Dump any data-structure or object, traverse it depth-first in-order and apply a unified diff.
freeze.stable_hash(data_structure) Stable hash does: hash(recursive_sort(freeze(data_structure)))
freeze.recursive_hash(data_structure) Recursive hash does: hash(freeze(data_structure))
freeze.recursive_sort(data_structure) Sort a recursive data_structure.
freeze.transparent_repr(string) The result is __repr__ transparent.
freeze.traverse_frozen_data(data_structure) Yields the leaves of the frozen data-structure pre-order.
freeze.TraversalBasedReprCompare(payload) Implements the comparison method for frozen data-structures based on traverse_frozen_data.
freeze.object_to_items(data_structure) Converts a object to a items list respecting also slots.

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